Friday 17 August 2012

Big Bear, Little Bear - Brave - Susan Amerikaner

Big Bear, Little Bear
Susan Amerikaner
Random House
ISBN 9780736429153

Brave was the first movie we took both our older children to go see. It was a big hit and they cannot wait for it to come out to watch at home. We picked up a few of the Brave books to read. Right now they are incredibly popular in our house. What is great about this one is that being a 1st Step reader, my daughter, who is between Kindergarten and grade 1, can read most of the book herself. And being able to read a book for the film she just saw, she thinks is the best thing. This book works on word recognition and comparison.
Slow - Fast
Quiet - Loud
Strong - Weak
-and many more. Some of the illustrations look like they are right from the movie, others are different events with the same characters. This book is well loved and much appreciated in the house and will be read many times over.

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