Thursday 30 August 2012

Catholic Prayer Book Volume 1 - Wyatt North

Catholic Prayer Book Volume 1
Wyatt North

Wyatt North is a publisher who partners to bring other books to the electronic market and is branching out to produce their own books. These enhanced electronic book have many great benefits. What I love most is having a whole library of great books at my fingertips in my phone or on my iPad. Being able to open the books on almost any device that has a supported app and syncing to where you were. Also being able to search and jump around through the text. This volume is full of full color illustrations and photos to accompany the prayers. It is a great little treasury.

Traditional Prayers
The Lord's Prayer
Hail Mary
Sign of the Cross
Glory Be
Apostles Creed
Act of Faith
Act of Contrition
Grace Before Meals
Grace After Meals

Prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Hail Holy Queen
The Angelus
Prayer to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal

Prayers Written by Catholic Saints
You are Christ
Praise to Mary the Mother of Jesus
Short Act of Perfect Love
Sunday Prayer Before Mass
O Lord My God
Marian Prayer
For Seekers of Faith
A Student's Prayer

Morning Prayers
Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity
To the Blessed Virgin Mary
To the Angel Guardian

Evening Prayers

An Act of Contrition
To the Sacred Heart of Jesus
To the Blessed Virgin Mary
To St. Joseph
Before Retiring

Prayers at Holy Mass
Preparatory Prayer
At the Beginning of Mass
At the Gospel
At the Credo
At the Offering
At the Preface
At the Sanctus
At the Canon
At the Elevation
After the Elevation
At the Pater Noster
At the Agnus Dei
At Communion
Spiritual Communion
At the Blessing
At the Last Gospel

Prayers after Mass
Salve Regina

Prayers for Confession
Before Confession
Before entering the confessional
After Confession

Prayers for Holy Communion
An Act of Faith
An Act of Hope
An Act of Love
An Act of Desire
An Act of Fear
An Act of Humility

An Act of Thanksgiving
An Act of Adoration
An Act of Oblation
Offering and Petition

Prayer to Jesus Crucified
Visit to the Blessed Sacrament
An Act of Oblation to the Sacred Heart

The Stations of the Cross
First Station
Second Station
Third Station
Fourth Station
Fifth Station
Sixth Station
Seventh Station
Eighth Station
Ninth Station
Tenth Station
Eleventh Station
Twelfth Station
Thirteenth Station
Fourteenth Station
Prayer to Our Suffering Redeemer
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Prayer for All Things Necessary for Salvation
The Four Approved Litanies
Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus
Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Litany of Loreto
Litany of the Saints

This was an amazing little eBook. I love the interactive nature of an electronic prayer book. Being able to jump from section to section in the text. Search the book and pull up specific prayers immediately. The only drawback is it will not become old and worn by use. It is an incredible prayer book and the price cannot be beat! Check it out and other titles from Wyatt North.

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