Monday, 13 August 2012

Lacing Up To Reality - Maggie Clark

Lacing Up To Reality
Maggie Clark
Smash Words

It is with bitter sweet feelings that I approach the writing of this review. The sweet is that it was a great short story set in the world of Roller Derby, specifically about a mother whose daughter is old enough to compete now and her struggles with what that means to her. The bitterness is that the bio at the end of the story indicates there will be more books set in and around this roller derby team and league. But after asking the author, I have found out that those projects are on the back burner. So you only have this boom and One For The Team to entertain you for the time being.
The team, the K-City Roller Girls, is the team that Beatrice is kind of a mom to. But her own daughter is old enough to start derby if her parents sign giving her permission. Beatrice had always wanted her daughter to follow her onto the rink, but now that the time is here she is hesitating.

This was an amazing short story and currently it is available for free. I read it twice and loved it.

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