Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Detachable Boy: With One Loose Foot - Scot Gardner

The Detachable Boy:
With One Loose Foot
Scot Gardner
Allen & Unwin

This was a very peculiar story. The premise was different and the story a romp around the world. It was a great fun read. It was the second book by Scot Gardner that I read in under a week and left me wanting to sample more. This is a story about friendship, about caring and about adventure.
John Johnson is different; he is detachable. His body can come apart in pieces and go back together. He has a bad habit, when he sneezes, of his head blasting off. And that is just the beginning. His problems begin when he is hit by a car and falls to pieces literally. Men in black suits grab him up and put him in a bag but he escapes. But the kidnappers grab his friend Crystal and he believes he is the reason and he goes on a quest to rescue her. With his mate Ravi, they raise the funds to ship him to America where Chrystal is being held. But a young boy travelling around the world to save his best friend can run into more than a few obstacles.

The troubles he encounters and how he gets out of them are both great fun. It was a light read and a great summer break read. Give the book a try and you will find yourself craving more of Gardner's writings. This unique story will grab your attention and keep it.

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Author Profile and Interview with Scot Gardner

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