Thursday 2 February 2012

At First Bite - Poison Apple Book 8 - Ruth Ames

At First Bite
Ruth Ames
Poison Apple Book 8
An Imprint of Scholastic
ISBN 9780545324878

This series has been out for a few years now and this latest, the 8th book in the series, is the second to repeat an author. This series is a dark off-shoot of their popular Candy Apple Books. This series, Poison Apple Books, is amazing. The books explore such things as ghosts, vampires, haunting and other darker tales. Unlike most fluffy books for young girls, these tales have a little more grit but still have some humour and really fun reads.

This story continues shortly after This Totally Bites! Ashley Samantha Lambert is twelve years old, with blond hair and blue eyes, at her old school in New York she had been top of the social ladder, and then last fall she became a vampire. Now her family has moved to L.A. and things just seem to keep going downhill. Then she finds out she is living in a house famed for a vampire film, and the school play is the same story as that film: At First Bite. But not only are things rough for Ashley, she soon finds herself looking to uncover a dark one, a vampire that is attacking people. The Perfect life she pictured in L.A is not so perfect and life is even more complicated than she ever expected.

This book was another great read in a wonderful series. Give it a try.

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Author Profile Interview with Aimee Friedman

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