Thursday 9 February 2012

Skipping Stones At The Center Of The Earth - Andy Hueller

Skipping Stones At The Center Of The Earth
Andy Hueller
Bonneville Books
Cedar Forts
ISBN 9781599554884

This book was surprisingly entertaining. The title grabbed my attention, but once I read the beginning, I was grabbed. The story focuses around Calvin Comet Cobble who lives at the Hidden Shores Orphanage, which is located on the shores of Lake Arctic below the earth's crust. A giant screw was found in the Arctic, and as they unscrewed it, they discovered a giant cavern, part of which gets light and part that is always dark. They build a super max prison on the dark side and an orphanage in the light. Calvin is a twelve-year-old boy and he has a great imagination and a knack for getting into trouble.

Soon he meets Mr. E, the school's custodian who lives in a shack right on the shore of the lake. His best, and maybe only friend, is Bernetha Twiggins, and between Bernetha and Mr. E they soon help Calvin discover more about his past and he embarks on an adventure to find out who he really is.

This book is the beginning of a great series. The story is fun and unique. The characters are interesting and well written. Give the book a try; you will enjoy it.

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