Monday 6 February 2012

The Dig - Zoe and Zeus Book 1 - Audrey Hart

The Dig
Zoe and Zeus Book 1
Audrey Hart
Backlit Fiction
ISBN 9781937704131

Zoe is an orphan and she spends her summers on archeological digs with her aunt and uncle, and the year at the Greeley Academy boarding school. She loves being on digs but really doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere. Seventeen is a hard age to be, but even more so with the fragmented life she has lived. Zeus on the other hand is a Greek God. He appears 17 also, but has been this age for 500 years. He is the leader of the Mount Olympus gang, the 12 gods and goddesses of the ancient world. Then magically a giant iPhone transports Zoe back in time, from the present day archeological dig to when the mysterious temple was being built. And not only that, she has superpowers and is maybe even a goddess.

The concept of this story was intriguing so when I was offered a review copy I jumped at it. BackLitFiction is a new publisher specializing in eBooks, most of which so far seem aimed at the Young Adult to University age market. I have read a few now and they are all good books, but this one has something more. Audrey Hart, in writing this first book in a trilogy, has captured the essence of life in school and used that as a backdrop for moving out into the world and then being taken completely out of your comfort zone. Now most people do not get pulled 3000 years out of their comfort zone, but that is just the type of girl that Zoe is and the kind of things that happen to her.

At school, Zoe was not in the 'in' crowd and when she makes it through the trials to Mount Olympus she is not 'in' there either. In fact she experiences open hostility and threats on Olympus that were never part of boarding school. In order to survive she must learn to trust - first to trust herself and her new powers. She must also learn to trust a boy, a boy who is handsome, patient, kind and to whom Zoe just can't seem to release herself too completely. This was a great read and I look forward to the rest of the series. The writing is tight, the characters sharp and witty. The plot is a new and unique twist on girl meets boy. Let's see where things go from here! This was an amazing first novel. Give it a try!

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