Tuesday 14 February 2012

Stink Solar System Super Hero - Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds

Stink Solar System Super Hero
Stink Moody Book 5
Megan McDonald (Author)
Peter H Reynolds (Illustrator)

ISBN 9780763643522
eISBN 9780763651923

This was the second Stink Moody book I have read and the third of the Stink and Judy series. These are great books. The writing by Megan McDonald is great - she captures family life, growing up, being a child, and life in school wonderfully. Peter H. Reynolds is an incredible illustrator and his contribution to these series helps make them as amazing as they are. The sections in the book are:

Move Over, Saturn
Vroom! Vroom!
Extra Credit
Miss Space Camp Know-It-All
Jupiter Jerks
Short Stuff
No-Good, Rotten Recess
Pluto Rising

This book has a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. First, Stink's older sister Judy Moody teaches him one, but he gets a big red X on his test because Pluto is no longer a planet. Then Stink gets into a fight at school with Riley Rottenberger. Soon the 2nd grade class is going to have a debate to determine if Pluto is still a planet. Stink and his team are defending Pluto's status as a planet and Riley and her team against it. Soon both are waging a war of words and antics to win over the class. It is another great read for the whole family.

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