Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Sisters Club - Megan McDonald - Book 1

The Sisters Club
Sisters Club Book 1

Megan McDonald (Author)

Pamela A. Consolazio (Illustrator)


ISBN 9780763632519

eISBN 9780763651862

Reading this book was like going back to my own childhood. I grew up in a home of three boys, and reading this book about three sisters made me realize that I never knew how much boys and girls were alike. Megan McDonald, who grew up the youngest of 5 sisters, writes about the friendship, love, hate and trials of family life among siblings. Our cast of characters is:
Three Sisters:
Alex Reel (the oldest)
Stevie Reel (middle the glue)
Joey Reel (the youngest)
Mom (Susan Reel Actress)
Dad (Richard Reel famous actor who played King Lear)
Great Great Grandmother, founder of the town Hepzibiah McNutty Reel
Other Cast Members:
Sock Monkey
Scott Howell (the first boy to come over for dinner)
And more.

The three sisters have the Sisters club. They have sleep overs and meetings in Alex's room. They put on plays. This is a well-written book, in a mix of traditional text and what look like journal entries with comments from the other sisters. The illustrations really add to the book. It is a really fun read and another great book for readers of all ages by Megan McDonald.

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