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The Visitors - The McKissack’s - The Third Book of the Clone Codes

The Visitors:
The Third Book of the Clone Codes
Patricia C. McKissack, Fredrick L. McKissack and Joch McKissack
ISBN 9780439929875

I loved the first book, The Clone Codes. I was a little disappointed in book two Cyborg, in this series. The length of the book was closer to a novella than a novel and yet priced as a novel. This third book, The Visitors, is longer and as it wraps up the Clone Codes Trilogy it does a great job of redeeming the series. It deals with questions of freedom, justice and the ultimate question of being - what does it mean to be a sentient being?

Things are quickly moving towards a final conflict between the World Federation of Nations and the Liberty Bell Movement. Both Clones and Cyborgs are uprising. A new species of beings is brought into the conflict and the mysterious O visitors from outer space intervene because Humans are just not ready to go beyond our own star yet. The O are trying to guide and direct us on the right path.

This story was full of new twists and turns. It was a riveting read and I could barely put it down, and I read it in under a day. It was a great read and I highly recommend the whole trilogy!

"The Clone Codes:

Clones are living organisms patented by Topas Corporation International. All rights are reserved.
  • All clones are to be identified by numbers or alphanumeric designations. The use of names is restricted.
  • Clones have no rights under a court of law and are recognized solely as property.
  • Groups of clones in excess of three are not permitted without direct human supervision.
  • Attempting to educate a clone beyond its work model specifications is forbidden and punishable in accordance with article 3C74.
  • The manufacture of a clone in the likeness of a child is a capital offense.
  • Imprinting the ability to mimic human emotions into a clone's behavioural patterns is forbidden.
  • A clone that disobeys a direct order must immediately be taken to a processing center for decommissioning.
  • Instructing a clone to lie is restricted.
  • Since clones are not citizens, they may not participate in elections.

Issued by the Clone Humane Society, the government agency for the protection and processing of clones.

The Cyborg Act of 2130
For the security and general welfare of the Cyborg race, these protections have been established on this the 7th day of October, 2130.

The Cyborg Codes

  • All Cyborgs must be registered with the Bureau of Cyborg Affairs (BCA).
  • Those that are Cyborgs must live within designated areas set aside on the Moon Colony. If a Cyborg desires to live or work elsewhere, it must acquire BCA permission.
  • It is mandated that Cyborgs may not serve as officers in the World Federation of Nations' defense forces or serve in any national law enforcement agencies.
  • Cyborg children must attend one of four Xyborg academies based on test scores and abilities.
  • All Cyborgs over the age of 16 must be employed.
  • Cyborgs need permission from the BCA to marry or have children.
  • The BCA will provide Cyborgs with medical insurance and health-care needs.
  • Cyborgs cannot inherit real property.
  • Cyborgs can only participate in amateur or professional sports within the Cyborg Leagues."
All in all this was a great trilogy and the McKissacks have left it open for more books or a spin-off series about mutants. If you haven't read them, give them a try. It is like a classic science fiction style retelling stories of slavery. Awesome reads.

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