Saturday 21 January 2012

Caveman Resurection - Jeff Pickett

Caveman Resurrection
Jeff Pickett
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If you do a search on Amazon for Paleo, you get over 200 hits and for Primal almost 20 in either health or fitness. So why should you get this book? I would state that of the books I have read on this topic, it is one of the best and most all-encompassing. It is a synthesis of much of the other material that is out there. But what Jeff does that many of the other authors do not do, is approach health, wellness and lifestyles changes as a holistic practice. He has tips and tools for body, mind and spirit. His goal is to help you achieve balance and make progress in all areas of your life. Jeff wrote this book after working through a number of personal issues and the changes he implemented were part of the results of that experience. As such, the book was written with a passion from personal experience. Jeff will inspire and motivate you. It is a great book. Give it a try.

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