Wednesday 18 January 2012

Red Glove - Holly Black - The Curse Workers Book 2

Red Glove
The Curse Workers Book 2
Holly Black
McElderry Books an imprint of
Simon and Schuster
ISBN 9781442403390

Red Glove continues shortly after the book White Cat. The Curse Workers are at it still. In a world much like ours, but where some people have the gift or the curse that their touch can influence people; some can bring or take luck, or memories, even life. Society dictates that all people wear gloves to prevent unintentional contact and thus being 'worked'. Cassel comes from a family of workers, and until recently he believed he did not have the touch.

Cassel is still being pulled by all sides - his mother wanting to use him in her next scheme, his brother wanting him for some scams, the government wanting him to catch everyone and the woman he loves hates his guts. Not exactly a simple life.

Holly Black writes wonderful books. I have yet to read anything by her that disappoints. In fact, all of her books I have read have ended up in my Top 10 for the quarter in which they were read. It's funny in that I read over 100 books a year and most I enjoy, a few I love, but even fewer still I wish I could visit. This is one of those books. I would be intrigued to wake up one day in this world. I k now that as I read these books they become so ingrained in my consciousness that I dream about them, the characters pop into my mind in meetings and during conversations. Holy Black is an addictive author. Once you sample her writing you will not want to stop. So check out this series, and let Black work her magic on you.

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