Thursday 12 January 2012

Invasion - 39 Clues Rapid Fire 6 - Clifford Riley

39 Clues Rapid Fire

Book 6
Clifford Riley

eISBN 9780545452021

One Year After The Clue Hunt

Dan has developed a close friendship with Atticus Rosenbloom. Dan is spending the evening with Atticus, while Atticus's older brother Jake is at a track meet and his parents have gone to New York to see medical specialists. But soon the boys realize the house is under attack and in a style similar to the Home Alone Movies, they prepare to defend it. Dan, because of his recent training, has some ideas and the battle begins.

This story was interesting in that it shows us a serious side of Dan that we often do not get to see. Maybe always being next to his sister, he often seems to play the goof or fool in contrast to her stoic nature. But alone we see in him what Grace saw in him before the Hunt begin. We also learn that the Vespers are working on an accelerated time line and have to wonder if they caused Dr. Rosenbloom's mysterious illness.

I love the original 39 Clues books, and have on my short list to read the second series The Cahills vs. Vespers, but this short series released between December 25th and December 31st 2011 really caught my attention. 7 Days 7 Short Stories each give us part of a clue and more background information on some of the characters from the books. The short stories are more than worth the price of $0.99 each.

The 39 Clues:
The Maze of Bones - Book 1 - Rick Riordan
One False Note - Book 2 - Gordon Korman
The Sword Thief - Book 3 - Peter Lerangis
Beyond the Grave - Book 4 - Jude Watson
The Black Circle - Book 5 - Patrick Carman
In Too Deep - Book 6 - Jude Watson
The Viper's Nest - Book 7 - Peter Lerangis
The Emperor's Code - Book 8 - Gordon Korman

Storm Warning - Book 9 - Linda Sue Park

 Into the Gauntlet - Book 10 - Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Black Book of Buried Secrets - Rick Riordan
Vespers Rising - Book 12 - Rick Riordan

Card Pack #1 - Books 1-3
Card Pack #2 - Books 4-6
Card Pack #3 - Books 7-9
Rare Card Pack

The 39 Clues Cahills vs. Vespers
The Medusa Plot - Book 1 - Gordon Korman
A King's Ransom - Book 2 - Jude Watson
The Dead of Night - Book 3 - Peter Lerangis
? - Book 4 - Roland Smith
? - Book 5 - Linda Sue Park
? - Book 6 - David Baldacci

The 39 Clues Rapid Fire:
Legacy - Book 1 - Clifford Riley
Ignition - Book 2 - Clifford Riley
Hunted - Book 3 - Clifford Riley
Crushed - Book 4 - Clifford Riley
Turbulence - Book 5 - Clifford Riley
Invasion - Book 6 - Clifford Riley
Fireworks - Book 7 - Clifford Riley

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