Saturday 31 October 2009

Barfing in the Backseat: How I survived my family road trip - Hank Zipzer Book 12 - Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Barfing in the Backseat:
How I survived my family road trip

Hank Zipzer Book 12
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Penguin Canada
ISBN 9780448443287

The more I read this series the more I love it. Few series could hold my attention past 3 or 4 books yet this one is doing an admirable job. Not only am I excited about reading the books I have not finished yet, I am looking forward to those not yet published. Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver do an amazing job of capturing the angst, struggles and feelings of a young student struggling with a learning disability. I have said it before but reading parts of these books is like reading segments from my own childhood and my personal struggles with dyslexia.

In this segment of Hank's journey, the family is taking a road trip over the Christmas Holidays. Each member gets to choose a stop along the way. Hank's father, Stanley, started it all by wanting to go to the National Crossword championship. His mother, Randi, chose an organic bee farm; his sister a science museum, and Hank chose a roller coaster park. It looked like it would be a great vacation. Then on the last day of school he is handed a homework pack to help give him an advantage after the break. Once his father finds out about it, Hank's problems begin; he must complete it or he cannot go to the roller coaster park. But vacation and travel and hotels are so much fun he keeps putting it off, then he accidentally leaves it behind at one of the hotels. Hank tries to jump through all kinds of hoops to keep his parents from knowing he lost the package but in the end realized, maybe too late, that the truth is always the best plan.

This is another great book in an awesome series.

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