Friday 23 October 2009

Ghost in the Machine: Ghost in the Machine - Patrick Carman

Ghost in the Machine
Skeleton Creek Book 2
Patrick Carman
ISBN 9780545075701

This much-anticipated sequel to Skeleton Creek is written in the same unique fashion. It i
s not just a book but a multimedia arts experience. The story is told in two parts; the first of the book is Ryan's journal and the second is amateur videos from his friend Sarah Fincher. The book also has a collection of websites and supplemental material to make the story more interesting and innovative. As you read through the book, every now nd again you are given a code to access a video on the website Combined with Ryan's journal they tell one complete story. Patrick Carman has created a new entertainment medium with this series, and done a masterful job of it. Like the first book in the series, I read the story alone first, then I read it while watching the videos. The book has the power to stand on its own but is incredible with the videos.

The story continues after the first novel. Sarah and Ryan are trying to find out the mystery around the town's name of Skeleton Creek and the old Mining Dredge out in the woods. Because of Ryan's broken leg in the first book, their parents are trying to keep the two apart. But their youthful technology savvy and desire to find the truth drives them on to keep investigating and the more they learn the more afraid they become.

The story is full of ghosts, rumors of murder, and hidden gold, and these two characters are locked in a struggle to find out the truth before all the clues are destroyed when the town burns the dredge to the ground. The story is addictive; the reader will not want to put it down; you will find yourself wanting to read to the next video and then after watching it, deciding to keep reading even longer.

This book is a fantastic story by an amazing story teller. It is riveting, and skillfully written and filmed. It is an intriguing new form of entertainment that I am sure will be copied and emulated. Carman has crafted not only a new media format, combining writing and video into a single book, but does it very well.

(First Published in Imprint 2009-10-23.)

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