Tuesday 13 October 2009

The Snaggle Grollop by: Daniel Postgate & Nick Price

The Snaggle Grollop
Daniel Postgate (Author)
Nick Price (Illustrator)
ISBN 9789545104708

Sam asks his parents if he can have a cat or dog and they say no, so he asks for a Snaggle Grollop. When his parents ask what it is he says he doesn't know he just made it up. Then the next day he returns home from school with one. This is a fun story for the whole family with well done illustrations; a story that will keep children's attentions with fun to be had by everyone with the Snaggle Grollop's assistance.

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michelle frizzel said...

my son loves this book, borrowed it from the libuary, but sadly has to be returned. but i have order it from my local book shop. ideal for young kids. 10 out of 10.