Wednesday 22 October 2008

Rivers Of Fire by Patrick Carman The Second Book Of Atherton

Rivers Of Fire:
The Second Book Of Atherton

Patrick Carman
Little, Brown and Company

ISBN 9780316166720

Patrick Carman is quick becoming one of my favorite contemporary children's authors. This is the second book of Atherton but the first book outside his
Elyon series that I have read. In this book the Land of Atherton was once three levels - the highlands, home of the ruling class, the flatlands below where strange creatures called cleaners live, and the table top with the three villages that provide the food for both it and the highlands. These three have been collapsing in upon themselves. As this world reshapes itself, the social structure is changing and the threats are not just from the changing landscapes. New creatures have been unleashed from the flatlands unto the rest of Atherton.

Edgar, Samuel and Isabel are three young people drawn into an adventure they never expected. Each feels they have a role to play in trying to save this world. Each must attempt tasks that they never imagined. Yet this world was also designed and built by man, by Dr. Maximus Harding to be precise, and it was designed to change. But will the transformation take place as planned? Will the wild creatures called the cleaners be defeated? Read the book to find out. This is another great book by Patrick Carman.

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite book ever!!! I'm hunting 4 pics of cleaners 4 a project but I can't find any. Patrick Carman is amazing!!!