Tuesday 28 October 2008

Haunted Hike Elliot's Park Book 2 - Patrick Carman

Haunted Hike
Elliot's Park Book #2

Patrick Carman

Jim Madsen (Illustrated)
Orchard Books

ISBN 9780545019316

This is the second book in the wonderful world of Elliot's Park, based on Pioneer Park in Walla Walla, Washington. Written by award winning author Patrick Carman, these tales were originally
created by Patrick for his daughter while they visited the real park. There is a great cast of characters including Chip the larger than average squirrel with a chipped front tooth, Crash the only flying squirrel in the park, Elliot the book worm with glasses who loves collared shirts, wide ties and solving problems and many many others. Even Mister Nibbles from the first book Saving Mister Nibbles makes an appearance. The book has a cast of characters in the back of the key players from the whole series.

In this story Daisy, Autumn and Lefty are three young squirrel scouts who are on a haunted hike through the park at night to Camp Cannon. Along the way they encounter other inhabitants of the part and what Daisy believes is a ghost. She is the first to see it, but she won't be the last. They must travel from the Giant Pines, to the Field House, over Rollie Hill, around the Fishing Hole, then skirt the South Pond and finally set up Camp if they are not frightened off. For it is not called the haunted Hike for naught.

Carman has created a wonderful world for young readers. These books aimed at a younger audience than his other works, will captivate children of all ages. The artwork by Madsen is excellent. And as an added bonus there are exercises at the end of the book, to create fun for a family or class. In this book they include:
o Elliot's Park Ghost Decoration Craft
o How to Make the Shadow of Chip Frankensquirrel
o Ranger Canyon's Scavenger Hunt
The book concludes with a preview chapter of the next book The Walnut Cup. Pick up this book either for this Halloween season or just as a fun book for the family.

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