Wednesday 28 June 2023

The Girl Who Would Live Forever - Rebecca Cantrell - An Ivy Corva Novel

The Girl Who Would Live Forever
An Ivy Corva Novel
ISBN 9798365738300

Several years ago, I read several of the stories in the Order of the Sanguines series co-written with James Rollins. Last year Yuletide Thrills caught my attention and was an excellent collection of short stories. After reading that collection I added several to my wish list including this volume. This was an excellent story. The subtitle of this story is An Ivy Corva Novel, so I can only hope this is the first in a new series. This was one of 2 I picked up right after reading Thrills. And I am committed to reading all of her published works, both those under this name and the two under the pen name, Bekka Black. This story was so hard to put down. 

The description of the book is:

“Ivy Corva’s first novel makes her the target of online trolls. As the threats get nastier and her address is posted on the Internet for all to see, she runs from her old life and moves to San Francisco to work for her friend Shelby.

But Shelby isn’t there.

Shelby threw herself off the Golden Gate Bridge right after their phone call to avoid her own demons: accusations of financial fraud and lying about her new immortality drug. As the world seeks to destroy her friend’s legacy, Ivy searches for the truth.

But when Ivy's trolls move from the virtual world to the real one and Shelby's foes close in, Ivy fears that the price for the truth will be her life.”

Some public praise for the novel includes:

“Rebecca Cantrell’s THE GIRL WHO WOULD LIVE FOREVER is a wildly Hitchcockian tale of friendship and murder set within the cutthroat world of biomedical research. It has a ripped-from-the-headlines authenticity and is written at a blistering pace that left me breathless. I defy anyone to anticipate the twists and shocking revelations in this taut mystery. It’s a pure adrenalin thrill ride.” 
     James Rollins bestselling author.

"A rollercoaster thrill ride! Cantrell's skill as a storyteller has never been more finely honed than in this novel...the book, told from Ivy's point of view, reflects her anxieties, wit, and razor-sharp humor." 
     Edge Media Network

I read this book while on a road trip with the family, there was a wedding and a memorial service. It was so hard to put the book away. I just wanted to keep reading. This is an intense tale, a thriller masterfully written. It is a mystery wrapped up in a quest to live for ever. No matter the cost, to oneself or others. 

Ivy Corva has come to San Francisco to do social medial and writing for her long-time friends Medical Tech Startup. But between leaving home and getting there her friend has committed suicide. She attends the funeral shortly after landing. But the pieces are not adding up. Shelby was running a tech startup to create a compound that would allow you to live forever or at least a much longer lifespan than currently. She wants to conquer the demons from losing her own mother to cancer, and she appears to have some great early success. But things are not always what they appear. Soon Ivy is under the protection of Tristan Walsh, Threat Specialist on the payroll of Shelby’s father Arthur Linton. Tristian has been watching out for Shelby and his care is at times intense. 

The story revolves around Ivy trying to figure out what really happened to Shelby, Shelby’s past all coming out include a sex tape when she was a minor. Tristan is trying to protect and guide Ivy. Ivy wants to know the truth, no matter the risk or cost. She really has nothing else to lose. Her career as a writer had been tanked by online trolls and threats. There are some excellent motorcycle scenes including an excellent chase. 

The characters are masterfully written. The plot is amazing. The pace is excellent. It was terribly hard to put this book down. To be honest I desperately want more stories with Ivy or Tristan or both. I really hope this is the beginning of a long series or even multiple series! This was such an excellent read even days later it is constantly coming to mind. I can easily recommend this it is a great novel. 

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