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Dragon Assassin 2 Shadow Hunter - Arthur Slade - Dragon Assassin Book 2

Dragon Assassin 2: Shadow Hunter
Arthur Slade
Dava Enterprises

I love the works of Arthur Slade, he is one of my favorite contemporary authors and maybe my favorite living Canadian author. I began reading his books back in 2002 while working as a bookseller. That year I read Dust and Tribes and started tracking down some of his older works that at the time were out of print. But this new series Dragon assassin is proving to be among his best works yet. And with the planned release of a new story each month this year we are in for some excellent reads! 

My first impressions of book two were. I believe in many ways it is even better than book one. I absolutely loved it. I especially loved the last but with the three hands and a claw. A great continuation to the story.  But first a recap book one high level overview:

Assassin School
A Dragon
A deal with said dragon
And more

Book two begins with the basic need for survival. But not just for existence, surviving in order to exact revenge! This is a fast paced first person narrative. Our heroine is a member of the assassin’s guild. But on the eve of her graduation most of the guild is wiped out, but a group lead by her twin brother. Now Carmen is on a quest, she needs to find a way to destroy her brother for what he has done. And this adventure takes her all over the realm. She has a few surprises in store. And she reconnects with a few people from the school. This story has:

A reunion with a friend
An adversary turned friend
Aide from a former mentor and teacher
Another betrayal
A dragon to the rescue
The promise of three hands and a claw

I mentioned in book one that the characters and to some extent the story reminds me of Roger Zelanzy’s Amber Chronicles. And I still have that feeling, but this story is taking its own path. The characters are very well written. There is an emerging friendship, and a potential for a love triangle. This book is pure fantasy. The plot proceeds at an excellent pace, and leaves readers desperate for the third installment. It is excellently written, and I give it top marks. A great read in what is shaping up to be an incredible series. 

Well done Mr. Slade, well done!

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