Wednesday 6 February 2019

The Mainland: It Has Begun - Sara Francis - Terra Testimonies Book 2

The Mainland: It Has Begun!
The Terra Testimonies Book 2
Sara Francis
ISBN 9780998993355

This book is written in very different style. It goes back and primarily through three alternating first person narratives gives us the back stories of a trio of siblings. In book one we found our about the isles, and about most of the earth being in ruins. In this book we find out how the world got there. Our narrators are Shane, Aymie, and Mark Hodgins, they have been separated since they were very young, and yet fate and circumstance has brought them together. This is their story. This story is very different that the first in the series. But it answers a lot of questions from the first volume and sets us up for where the story goes next.

The world is starting to fall to pieces, and Mr. White has a plan. He has created the white school where children are being trained and learning to work as teams. They plan on rescuing as many other children as they can. But old friends appear to be becoming enemies and an enemy might be your greatest allay. When the world is being turned upside down it is hard to know who to trust. 

I will admit there were a few times while reading this book, that with the jumping from story to story I almost put it down. But I am thankful I did not. And by the time I got to the end I was hungry for the next volume to find out where the story goes next. But what these three went through, and what they survived, you cannot help but find yourself cheering them on.

This story could almost be a precursor to books like The Hunger Games, and Divergent. It could be the back story that set up those stories. The difference is this is not pure dystopian. This novel has an underlying current of faith. It is also subtle, one of the homes where children is taken in is run by nuns. At the White Home there is a priest who is a counselor and available to the residence for conversation and support. And even Mark comments that he has not accepted the believes that both his brother and sister started following. 

This novel is backstory, in fact, it is the back story of the three Hodgins, and in some ways the backstory of an organization. An organization committed to saving humanity. It is a great read in what is proving to be an excellent series. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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