Sunday 11 February 2018

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2018 

Lent begins in a few days. I wrote a post this week about 'Some Suggested Reading Options for Lent 2018' This is the last few days of ordinary time before that season begins. Even as we are spending time thinking ahead to Lent, we need to live each day to the full.

First Reading Leviticus 13:1,2,45,46
Responsorial Psalm 32: 1,2,5,11 Response 7
Second Reading 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1
Gospel Mark 1:40-45

In today's gospel the man cured of leprosy was told to tell no one and go make the offering for having been healed. And yet he went and proclaimed to all who would listen. So many listened that Jesus had to move his ministry to the country side. I wonder if the same thing would happen today. If we as Christians, as Catholics would proclaim all that God has done for us, day by day, week by week. The small victories and little things and the big miracles. Would so many people flock to the church that we would need to add more services, or build more churches? Would I witness bear fruit? Or would the people who know us at work, in our communities look at us and compare the witness of our words with how we live, work, and play?

As an aside I have been helping to teach a class of new altar servers. We meet for a few hours each Saturday afternoon this month. Today we did a full walk through of mass. It is a very different perspective in a dark church, and facing out, at empty pews. It is a privileged and a blessing to help train altar servers and to serve myself when needed.  

I leave you with this thought and it has been on my mind often this week, our life is a witness, but what is it a witness to? Do people see Christ living in us? The Holy Spirit working through us? The love of God in our deeds, actions and words? I know that when I reflect upon those questions I have a long way to go. But I struggle and strive each day to be a better follower of Jesus. 

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