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I Don't Like Lent - Rev Daniel A. Lord S.J.

I Don't Like Lent
Rev Daniel A. Lord S.J.

This was my introduction to Daniel A Lord’s works, this booklet was originally published in 1937 by The Queen’s Work, St. Louis, USA. It is currently available as a Kindle eBook. It was such a great read that as soon as I finished reading it, I read it through a second time and picked up about a dozen of his other booklets to read. According to Fr. Edward Looney, Daniel Lord wrote over a million words in his lifetime. Currently about 40 of his booklets are available as eBooks. But I have not found much of his other works still in print. And from just this first booklet I am addicted.

The introduction to this booklet states:

“Reading this pamphlet today, when the Church insists on such tiny penances, during Lent is a sobering reminder to good Catholics that their ancestors were willing to undergo far more stringent deeds of self-sacrifice than appears to be common among us, their children. May the reading of this pamphlet encourage us to be more zealous in the service of the Lord.”
And to be honest that is in part what it spurred in me to refocus just 4 days into lent this year. The booklet is a conversation that takes place after dinner one evening. The participants are:
A Maid
Mr. Bradley
Mrs. Bradley – our hostess
Father Hall
Grace Melville – Young and charming
Old Mrs. Harrison
Dr. Allenby – non-Catholic Professor of History
Shirley Green

At one point in the discussion Father hall states when it is implied he did not come up with the idea of lent: “And maybe that’s just where you are wrong. Maybe if I had the doing of it, I’d have put in two Lents a year, one in winter for the good of your souls, and one in summer for the good of your bodies. The fact is, I thoroughly approve of Lent. I think it’s a noble institution.”

The booklet is such an easy read. And it was a great read at that. I loved that it was written as a dialogue with numerous characters who were part of the conversation. I highly recommend this book!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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