Friday 16 February 2018

Sitting Alone In A Dark Church Thursday After Ash Wednesday 2018

Sitting Alone In A Dark Church
Thursday After Ash Wednesday 2018

Sitting alone in a dark church. Tonight, I was reminded of a time many years ago, more than half my lifetime ago, I lived in a rectory for a few months. And yes, that is a long story, maybe a story for another time. And I had had keys to the church. I would often go over last at night, or early morning and just spend time in the dark church and pray. Or sit quietly in the presence of the blessed sacrament. 

Tonight, after mass, and after the parish council meeting I went back out through the church. I sat for a few minutes and prayed. I prayed for my wife, and my children. I prayed for a number of extended family members. I prayed for some friends, and coworkers. And I prayed to be able to forgive old wounds. This ties to the reason I lived in that rectory so many years ago. It was a very fearful time in my life. I was living somewhat in hiding and off the grid. But I also lived in the church. I severed mass every day. I spent time with a few seminary students. I served many funeral masses. I had a prie dieu kneeler in my room, and between time praying in my room or the church it felt like my days were filled with prayer.

And tonight, I was thankful for a few minutes in prayer before mass, and my moments alone in the church after the meeting. I brought back memories of a very hard time, but what was also a very good time. 

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