Wednesday 7 February 2018

RISE 30 Day Challenge Part 1 We Are Sons - Men Rise Up

RISE Part 1 We Are Sons
RISE 30 Day Challenge
Men Rise Up

I was excited about this program before I even began it. And after the first few days I wrote an overview of the program. Now after finishing the first section I think this is one of the best men's resources I have come across in years. This is a new program for men Rise was created by Chris Stefanick and Bill Donaghy. The RISE Challenge begins next on February 14th 2018, Ash Wednesday, Lent is an excellent time to focus on spiritual things in a new way. 

The description of the program is:

"Brothers, do you want tomorrow to be better than today? Are you willing to do what it takes to become a better man for yourself, your family, and those around you? 
When you take the RISE 30-Day Challenge, you will gain the tools you need to take your life and relationships to the next level. Journey with men all over the world as we RISE together to claim our true identity."

This program can be worked through by an individual, but I believe it will be better with a group of men, a band of brothers. 

The sections in the program are:

Days 1-8 We Are Sons
Days 9-15 We Are Brothers
Days 16-22 We are Spouses
Days 23-30 We are Fathers

And the daily focus during Part 1 are:

Introduction - Let's Start by Looking at Our Father
Matt Ingold Story: A Son of the Father
Claim Your New Identity
A Call to Start Over
The Witness of Authenticity at Home
Longing for the Perfect Father

Seven of the eight days in this first part of the course are video teachings by Chris Stefanick. They vary in length from 3 minutes 43 seconds to 1 minute 48 seconds. Yes, these are short video's. Each video is followed by a short reflection and a challenge.  The other day is the story of Matt Ingold, it is incredibly powerful and moving. 

In my overview of Rise, I stated that there are similarities between this program and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, Exodus 90  Nineveh 90, or even going further back Promise Keepers. But it is the differences that make this program so powerful. It is short. Even with watching the video's 2 or 3 times per day the whole piece talks at max 15-20 minutes. It is in this conciseness, 30 days, and short time commitment each day that make this program stick out. 

The first 8 days were amazing and I am really looking forward to the next 7 on 'We Are Brothers'.

Information on Start Dates:
English and Spanish Start Dates

Australian Start Dates.

The stated goals of the program are:

"RISE is a collaboration of individuals and organizations that believe it's time to cast a wide net to awaken today's man. Our goal is simple: to use powerful media as a tool to present the true path to freedom and peace by challenging men to live the fullness of their vocation every day; at home, at work, and in their communities. We are not teaching theology, and this is not another boxed program. We are giving men a battle plan for daily living, and walking alongside them each day. When men understand their profound dignity as sons of God, and are re-oriented towards what really matters, the impact on themselves and those around them will be significant."
having completed part 1 of the program, I can state that this is an amazing resource. So find a friend or two and join the challenge. They state that "RISE is for every man, whether they're just seeking, or have been well-formed, because it takes them deep into their own hearts, and challenges them to make what they've learned practical. The results are nothing but life-changing."  

And I concur. So men rise up!

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