Thursday 28 September 2017

Product Review Pocket Oratory

Product Review Pocket Oratory
Oremus Crocheted Saints

Last year I bought two crocheted saints for my youngest children. I had come across them on facebook and loved them. I had a Saint Josemaria Escriva and Blessed Alvara del Portillo made by Oremus Crocheted Saints. When they arrived for Easter, my oldest was a little disappointed that I did not have one for her. So I have been following here page. She does some amazing renditions of saints. And her nativity sets are amazing. But in the spring she introduced a new product a pocket oratory. I thought it was an amazing idea from when I first saw it.

So I took the plunge and ordered one. And It is awesome. I have carried it with me daily now for 6 months. The picture above if after 6 months of daily carry and prayer use. The picture below is What it looked like in draft before she finalized it. Not only is it personalized. The Divine Mercy painting is a photo I took of one in my church, that was painted for our parish a few years back. The Picture or Mary is one I have ad since I was a teen. And the 4 saints medals are: St. Josemaria Escriva, Saint Damien the Leper, Saint Patrick of Ireland, and a Saint Benedict Medal.

Not only have I carried this every day; and used it to help me focus my prayer. I have reached in my pocket when getting upset or angry and used it to help me focus and pray before continuing the conversation either. I have used it when receiving news of a family member going in the next day for surgery, I prayer as soon as I found out, and the next day during the surgery, I found an empty meeting room at work and just spend a few minutes in prayer. And my youngest two children have asked for it at times when they were upset or fidgety and have taken it, opened it and prayer for a bit to calm themselves down. All three children would like their own I just need to figure what I want in them.

The handmade quality is excellent, with real leather outer, and a stitched in cloth interior. It is a perfect size to carry all the time, dress pants or jeans. And I never leave the house without it. It is a wonderful product, personalized and meaningful. I highly recommend the pocket oratory and her crocheted saints.

Note: In 2018 we added a nativity set.

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