Wednesday 13 September 2017

A Pocket Full Of Murder - R.J. Anderson - Uncommon Magic Book 1

A Pocket Full Of Murder
Uncommon Magic Book 1
R.J. Anderson
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
A Division of Simon and Schuster
ISBN 9781481437714

eISBN 9781481437738

I read book two, A Little Taste of Poison, in this series a year ago. It took me a while to get back to book one. I loved both books and think they are a great series. Having read book two first I had some ideas about this book. But that did not detract from the reading. I was introduced to R.J. Anderson and her works at a local book launch. I am very thankful for that. I have loved both books in this series, and hope there will be more. I am also looking forward to trying some of Anderson’s other writings. 

In some ways this book is a bleaker story than book two. For in this book after her father is accused of murder it seems like Isaveth and her sisters are on their own to fend against a world that dislikes them because they are poor, and because they are Moshite, a religious minority. But Isaveth is full of surprises. She is finding a strength inside herself that was not evident previously. She has strange encounter with Quiz, who appears to be a street kid who takes an interest in her, her family and her father’s plight. Soon the two of them are trapesing all over Tarreton to find out who really killed head master at the sage academy. 

This is a mystery story written in a world of magic. But there are two classes of citizens and two classes of magic. There is common magic and also sagery. It is a story with political intrigue, double dealing, and a bit of a family feud. It is very well written. Once I started reading this book I did not want to put it down. I loved reading about the brave Isaveth, her growing friendship with Quiz as she learns to trust, he maturity in trying to look after her sisters. And most of all her determination to get to the truth. I love reading books with strong female characters and look forward to reading them again with my daughters. This one has added to my reading list with my oldest for this year and in a few years with my youngest. 

In this series we have a world powered by magic, but there are two types of magic, common magic that is baked and can be used by almost anyone and sagery which works with charms and often only works for those who make it. This magic is used for heat, light, transportation and more. 

I loved this book and hope there will be more in the series. And the highest prase I can give to a children’s book, is my desire to read it with my children. This book scores top marks in that category. I look forward to reading other stories by Anderson, and I can highly recommend this book.

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