Wednesday 6 September 2017

A Prayer Card And A Story

A Prayer Card And A Story

A number of years ago I most often attended the 5:15pm mass Saturdays at St, Michael's Church in Waterloo Ontario.  Being a creature of habit I typically sat in the same pew every week. There was a family often in front of me with older children. Not my age but in post-secondary studies.

One service I noticed the prayer card the daughter used as a book mark. Something about it really caught my eye. I asked about where tit was from and she gave it to me. For many years it was on a bulletin board near my desk along with other prayer cards. It is one of my favourite images of Jesus.

Shortly after that I got married and switched parishes. I doubt I would recognize any of the family if I ran into them today. But the prayer card stays near.

Do you have a special prayer card? Does it have a story? Are you willing to share it?

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