Friday, 15 September 2017

Hail Mary's and Dirty Socks

Hail Mary's and Dirty Socks

One of my pet peeves is dirty laundry on the floor. Especially socks. With three young children I found them all over the house. The stairs, the entranceway, the living room, and sometimes even just thrown down the basement steps. And it really bugged me. A few weeks ago I started saying a Hail Mary whenever I picked up laundry off of the floor. I just prayed 8 on the way down to the computer in the basement.

So now in a way I am thankful, for I am praying more. I find I am praying for the child whose laundry I am picking up. I pray to conquer my frustration. I pray to learn and live more joy. And I can be assured there will be a number of random prayers a day as I encounter these out of place pieces of laundry. I pray not to change God, but to allow God in to change me.

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