Thursday 31 August 2017

Memories of Ice - A Hockey Poem

Memories of Ice - A Hockey Poem

Early mornings
Time with dad
The dark sky
Rink comes to life
The smell of the ice
6am on the ice

Church athletic league
Outdoor practices in Bath in January
Howie Meeker hockey stick
Centre 70 - Cataraqui Community Centre
Games against friends and foes

Hard work
The smell of the ice

Love of the game

Note: a friend shared this picture on facebook a while back. I loved the picture and it immediately drew back memories, memories of playing hockey, early mornings with my father. And I wanted to write about it. I have worked on a few prose pieces but not been happy with any of them. Tonight this was a free verse poem that came to me as I was looking at the picture yet again. For now it will need to do. You can read about 20 of my other poems some going back more than 30 years here.

Photo courtesy Kevin Haggerty.

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