Friday 25 August 2017

Welcome to Super Hero High! - Courtney Carbone and Darío Brizuela - DC Super Hero Girls

Welcome to Super Hero High!
DC Super Hero Girls
Courtney Carbone
Darío Brizuela (Illustrator)
Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780606402330
ISBN 9781524766115

This book arrived for my youngest a few days ago. We have read it every day since. The first time through I read it to her. The second, she read most with help on some harder words. This last time she read the whole book to me. She loved the story and it is not the first of the DC Super Hero Girls that we have read. My daughter really likes this book. But she asks some good questions like: when does Harley Quinn become a good guy. How is Poison Ivy at Super Hero High? The continuity across the DC movies, TV Series and even series of books is so inconsistent. The one that surprised me the most was Amanda Waller as principal at Super Hero High.

But even with all the inconsistencies, and unusual decisions regarding who is on what side of the good and evil fence, this is a fun read that my daughter loves. And any book that a child reads again and again is a winner in my book.

The illustrations in the book are great for the reading level. They are not too detailed. They are bright and vibrant. They have a great feel and fit the story well. Over all a great levelled reader.

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