Saturday 5 August 2017

Just a blog post rambling thoughts about books.

This year I have been reading the Catechism ever day again, loosely following a plan that will read the whole book in a year. I took this picture late last year. I do not actually read many physical books. I much prefer eBooks. But today I am tired, sore, and starting to feel a cold coming on. Because of my preference for eBooks I have a few things I wish for:

  • I wish that all books were available electronically.
  • I wish than so many eBooks I want to read were not geolocked (US Only, UK only, Australia only ...).
  • Or why physical books are region specific.
  • I do not understand why some eBooks cost more than the current paperback editions.

In this day and age books being locked to specific regions or countries does not make a lot of sense to me. But I am just an old bibliophile. But we do not always get what we wish for. With my dual form of dyslexia I find that I read faster and with better comprehension on an electronic device. But so many books I want to read are either not available in Canada, or often not available electronically. That being said as of today I have read 235 books so far this year. Reviewed the majority of them. And have a monster pile of books I wish to read.

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