Wednesday 17 May 2017

Show-And-Tell Strawberry Shortcake - Lana Jacobs

Show-And-Tell Strawberry Shortcake
Lana Jacobs
Turtleback Books
Penguin Random House of Canada
ISBN 9780606316941

It is a little weird writing a review of this book as a man in my mid-forties. But All of my children know I review books and each time we read a book they want to know if I am going to review it. I am pretty sure I read this about 5 years ago when it first came out with my oldest daughter and have now read it again with my youngest daughter.

This book is part of the Levelled reader books, as a Level 2 book it spans the letters E-I in the reading progression chart used in many schools. The goals of Level 2 books are:

These books are perfect for a Progressing Reader who:
can figure out unknown words by using picture and context clues;
can recognize beginning, middle, and ending sounds;
can make and confirm predictions about what will happen in the text; and
can distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.

As such it is a good book for where my daughter is at the moment. I find that with children's books, especially the levelled readers there is a great deal of variation is how good the books are, especially across specific series or different publishers. Some seem just slapped together, and others seem to have a little more thought and effort put into them. This is one of the better ones.

My daughter loved this book. On days where they are allowed to take something to school all three of my children struggle with what to take. There is often debate and talk about wise decisions and what is appropriate. This book has some of the same dialogues. The struggle of what to bring is very real to children and to the characters in the story.

The illustrations are a little simplistic in this book compared to others in the same category but both my daughters loved it. Any book my daughter wants to read to me more than once is a hit in my books! And this one was a grand slam.

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