Tuesday 16 May 2017

Product Review - Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap Lemon Verbena

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap
Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyer's

As I get older I have slowly started using more and more natural products. In part because of their impact; and in part because I just find that they seem to work better. Over the last few years I have switched to natural toothpaste, natural deodorant, and now natural hand soap. So far I have only tried the one fragrance the Lemon Verbena. It was an instant hit for the whole family. From my youngest who is 6 and loves washing her hands and smelling the soap to me in my mid 40’s the five of us all like it, a lot!

For years we have been using either foaming or gel soap for the most part from a store specializing in bath products. But over time the scents have become overpowering and I have grown to have concerns about the number of chemicals used in their production. This soap states that it:

• Gentle hand wash cleanses and softens
• Contains 98-percent plant-based ingredients including aloe vera and olive oil
• Contains no parabens; never tested on animals
• Made in the USA
• Refreshing lemon verbena fragrance

And it works well. Doing some research on the company there motto is:

Smells Great – Works Great – Is Great
And this product lives up to that goal. One of Mrs. Thelma A. Myers goals for her products is that they:
“Smells Like A Garden

Cleans Like The Dickens”
And from this first one that we have tried it does that in spades! This was the first product from Mrs. Myers that we have tried but it will not be the last. Great product at a good price.

And it worked really really well on foot odor that my girls got from old sandals.

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