Wednesday 10 May 2017

Spot's Thanksgiving - Eric Hill

Spot's Thanksgiving
Eric Hill
Warne Books
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780399241864

This book was the second Spot book that my youngest daughter and I read together. As an early reader she loves these books. She can read a lot of this book by herself and with my son who is 9 they can read the whole book to me or to each other. There are a couple different editions of this book but other than the cover they both appear to be the same 10 page board book format. A quick search shows that there are around 50 Spot books by Eric Hill. That is a lot of reading with a little brown puppy. So it is a good thing that kids love these books. 

My youngest two adore the Spot books. It took a while for them to grow on my son who is 9, by my youngest daughter at 6 has loved Spot from her first encounter. Even my oldest at almost 11 is willing to read them with or to the younger two.  

In some ways this is a typical board book. But being part of a larger series, many of which are not board books it makes it a good bridging book for early readers. The illustrations are fun, they use a fairly basic palette and do not have a great deal of details, but there is something charming about the simple illustrations.

This story focuses around the American Thanksgiving, and unlike many books in this series it does not appear to have different versions of different lengths and does not appear to have a translated version. But with that being said this is another good book in a really good series. 

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