Monday 6 March 2017

You're Amazing - Justin Fatica - A Message of Hope That Will Change Your Life Forever

You're Amazing:
A Message of Hope That Will Change Your Life Forever
Justin Fatica

Wellspring Publishing
Beacon Publishing for
Dynamic Catholic
ISBN 9781929266142
eISBN 9781929266159

This was the first book by Justin Fatica I have read, but because of how good this one was, I will be tracking down and reading the others, even hunting for those currently out of print! Rev. Frank J. Caggaino in the forward to this book states:
"The questions that you and I must ask ourselves are: How passionate are we about the life God has given us? Do we want to be on fire with love for God and our neighbor? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this book, You're Amazing: A Message of Hope That Will Change Your Life Forever, is all about inviting the fire of the Holy Spirit into your life. It is a powerful spiritual tool for anyone who wishes to live joyfully and effectively. In a world where we are given many reasons to doubt whether we are lovable or loved and are tempted to fall into isolation, fear, and indifference, Justin outlines a practical and compelling spiritual itinerary that is nothing short of revolutionary. I am confident that if you read this book, you will leave behind any desire to live a mediocre or routine life. In its place, you will be invited to live with real meaning and passion." And that is exactly what Justin delivers in this book. Justin packs a lot of content into 40 chapters and 181 pages in this volume.

The chapters and sections in this book are:

1. Get Naked
2. Kid at Heart
3. Keep It Simple
4. Set Good Priorities
5. Celebrate Your Weaknesses
6. Let God Fight Your Battles
7. Love No Matter What
8. Be Free

9. Winning Matters
10. Anything Is Possible
11. Facing Sin Takes Guts
12. Successful Confrontation
13. Suffer Well
14. Never Give Up
15. Offer It Up
16. Listen to Our Adversaries

17. Your Interior Life
18. Hour of Power
19. Festival of Silence
20. Our Life Is Our Prayer
21. Our Lady Is Underrated
22. Mercy Wins
23. Passion
24. Join the Breakfast Club

25. Start at Zero
26. Significance Over Success
27. It's Not About Me-It's about We!
28. Lead Like Jesus
29. Three Minutes of Power
30. Humility Bears Fruit
31. No Problems, Just Opportunities
32. Gratefulness

33. Enthusiasm for What Is Good
34. Enjoy Your Life
35. God Centered, People Focused
36. Daily Dose of the Word of God
37. The Most Amazing Words
38. Expect the Best
39. Endurance Inspires
40. The Greatest Life Ever

Each of those chapters is written in the same format, it starts with a bible verse, then a main teaching. The teaching is often followed by an example or 2, real life stories. This is followed by a short quote to hammer home the point. Then there is a section to guide you in journaling about what you have just read. This section called Time For God has some great activities, an example from the chapter Start At Zero is; "TIME FOR GOD: Pray with the Beatitudes, and insert your name, saying "Blessed is." Imagine yourself in heaven-what will eternal life be like?" And then each chapter ends with a Section called Make It Count; this is a concrete To Do, either something to do right now, something to schedule, or the next time something happens. An example from the chapter Celebrate Your Weaknesses is: "MAKE IT COUNT: The next time your weaknesses get the best of you, get excited about your mistakes and thank God for his strength. Fulfilment happens when we fall forward, not backward."

Some of the strengths of this book are that Justin writes from a strong centre. He shares his own stories and stories of those he has ministered to. He is open, honest, vulnerable, and encouraging. Some of the stories he shares will bring you to tears, others might make you laugh, and many will drive you to prayer. The book is uplifting, but by no way is it fluff. It is a real meat and potato's type of book.  This is the type of book that I read and wish I had read 20 years ago. And because of that the type of book I recommend to youth in my life and their parents.

This book is an incredible read and I recommend it to all who wish to grow in their spiritual life, for those who wish to have an impact on the people around them and the greater world. Give it a try you will not be disappointed!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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