Monday 13 March 2017

Question's, Lists, and Daily Goals

Question's, Lists, and Daily Goals

For a number of years I have journaled on these 5 questions:

Who are you?
What do you want?
Who do you trust?
Who do you serve?
Where are you going?

They come from a Science Fiction show called Crusade which was a spin-off of Babylon 5. Each episode of Crusade began with a series of questions being asked by the narrator to the Captain. And those questions struck with me. Then a few years later I came across this list:

Who am I?
What do I want?
What is my purpose?
What am I grateful for?

And then just last year in one of my devotional readings I came across this list:

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What am I here for?
How do I do it?
Where am I going?

So if you merge them you get these questions:

Who am I?
What do I want?
Who do I trust?
Who do I serve?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose?
What am I thankful for?

The daily goals I have been using as guidelines for living are:

To get enough sleep.
To eat right & exercise daily.
To refuse to be a perfectionist.
To carefully control finances.
To ask for help when needed.
To pray and read the Bible daily.
To not pressure self into planning entire life today.

And then there are principles to live by, which I got from a book by Dr. James MacDonald, which are as follows:

Eight Principles to Live Your Life by:
I will do all things as unto the lord.
I will live in the light of the judgement seat of Christ.
I will consider my weaker brother in all I do.
I will do nothing unless I'm sure that it's right to do.
I will do all things to the glory of my God.
I will avoid what may appear wrong even if I know it's not.
I will abstain from things that could enslave me.
I will seek always to do what I believe Jesus would do.

A lot has changed over the last year for me and for us as a family. Do you think about who you are? How you got to where you are currently? What are you truly thankful for? 

Currently I use to track daily disciplines, physical, mental and spiritual. 

If you had to have a list to live by what would it be?

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