Saturday 25 March 2017

Take Away the A - Micheal Escoffier and Kris Di Giacomo

Take Away the A
Micheal Escoffier
Kris Di Giacomo (Illustrator)
Enchanted Lion Books
ISBN 9781592701568

This books available in English is a translation from the original French book 'Sans le A'. It is a wonderful fun picture book. My youngest two insisted we read it back to back because they wanted to go through it again. My son who is 9 read it the second time through to is 6 year old sister and to me.

This book goes through the whole alphabet and for each letter has a paring of words one with the letter and one without the letter. The book is fun, it is very funny and my kids think it is Fantastic.

The illustrations are wonderful, my kids poured over them for hours without losing interest. Kris Di Giacomo's illustrations are simply wonderful.

There appears to be numerous books from this dynamic duo available in English, and based on how much my children loved this one we need to track more of them down. And to be honest that is one of the best book recommendations for my children they want more books by the same authors or illustrators. So this is one of the best picture books we have encountered this year. And the three of us highly endorse it!

Books by Escoffier & Di Giacomo:
Take Away the A
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