Thursday 9 March 2017

a.k.a. Genius - Marilee Haynes

a.k.a. Genius
Marilee Haynes
Pauline Books and Media
ISBN 9780819808301
eISBN 9780819808325
ASIN B00E0U8788

This book was my introduction to the writings of Marilee Haynes, but it will not be the last. It was an awesome little read. This book is in the genre I consider realistic fiction. No fantasy, no super powers, and no science fiction; just down to earth stories. This book could be about kids you have, or kids you know. It could happen in the School down the read from where you live. This was an awesome middle grade read!

The story is about Gabe, and about friendship, and about family.  Gabe is Thirteen years old and he is just like other middle grade students. He attends St. Jude Academy; he does well at school, and not so well at sports. He has two best friends, well really he has two friends. His best friends are Lincoln Jefferson Truman, aka Linc and his other best friend is Maya Ling. But all of that changes when the school does some standardized tests and Gabe is called out as a genius and scores the best for the whole school. This causes him a whole lot of problems. First not being athletic and not being cool, he tried to go unnoticed at School. And now Mya is mad at him and he cannot figure out why. They also get moved into an enrichment program at the school. Life at St. Jude's has become very complicated for Gabe, prior to the testing his biggest problem was that he had to carry around all his school books because he can never get his locker to open. Now that he is a genius his mom commits him to tutoring Becca Piccarelli, the girl he has a crush on. He can barely face her, how will he tutor her. And on top of that his own father doesn't pick him for the family thanksgiving basketball challenge. How many more things can go wrong for Gabe in one semester?

This book was a really fun read. It has great characters. It really captures aspects of family life, and school life. The book deals with self-acceptance, being different, friendship and more. And it is all written with a generous dose of humour. I loved Haynes writing so much I already started another of her books before getting to sit down and write this review. The writing was so engaging I could barely put the book down. It was one of those times where I kept saying one more chapter, one more chapter and the next thing I knew the book was finished.

This book is an awesome read! Friendships, faith and fun all rolled up in one.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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