Monday 13 June 2016

Song of the Poison Dragon - Tracey West and Graham Howells - Dragon Masters #5

Song of the Poison Dragon
Dragon Masters #5
Tracey West (Author)
Damien Jones (Illustrator)

This series really has staying power. With my two youngest children there are few chapter books that we have read more than once, let alone whole series. This is the first series I recall we have read through twice and are eagerly awaiting the next instalment. The Dragon Masters is a great series that children and those who read to them will both enjoy.

One of the nice things about this series is that it is a true series. Each story builds upon the next. Now yes that are strong enough to be read on their own, but as a whole we get to watch the growth of the group as they come together as a team and learn to work together and support each other. In this latest offering the Dragon stone has chosen a new dragon master, Petra and her great uncle had also been a dragon master. She seems to know a lot about dragons and their abilities, but when it comes time for her to meet her Hydra and bond with it, something just seems off. 

Even though Petra seems like a know-it-all, she also seems afraid. She is far from home and knows that there are high expectations upon her. When King Roland plans on show casing the dragons especially the new Hydra and Petra to Queen Rose the day after Petra's arrival, things go bad quickly. Soon the King is poisoned and all the dragon masters are searching for a cure. Will they find something in their books, or will Petra and the Hydra make connecting in time to save the King?

My children love the illustrations by Graham Howells, the often go back to look at previous illustrations or sneak ahead to get a glimpse of what is coming next. Add to the excellent drawings wonderful stories and it makes for some great reading time.

These books are enjoyed by the whole family. The younger kids like having them read to them. My oldest enjoys listening or taking a turn reading to her siblings. And there is a great series of questions at the end of the book to help make sure children comprehend the story. Set at a grade 2 reading level in our house these are enjoyed from Kindergarten to grade 4. The kids love these books and therefore come with their seal of approval. 

Dragon Master Books:
1. Rise of the Earth Dragon
2. Saving the Sun Dragon
3. Secret of the Water Dragon
4. Power of the Fire Dragon
5. Song of the Poison Dragon

6. Flight of the Moon Dragon
7. Search for the Lightning Dragon


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