Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Scarlet Dragon - Jordan Quinn and Robert McPhillips - Kingdom of Wrenly Book 2

The Scarlet Dragon
The Kingdom of Wrenly Book 2
Jordan Quinn
Robert McPhillips (Illustrator)
Little Simon an imprint of
Simon and Schuster

ISBN 9781442496934

This was the second book in the Secrets of Wrenly series that we have read as a family. My oldest daughter and I took turn's reading it to the younger children. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the book. This is one of a few series we are reading currently together. The children really enjoy the illustrations. The reading level is such that my grade 4 can read it easily, and yet the story is entertaining enough that all the way down to kindergarten love reading it.

The illustrations by Robert McPhillips really help make the story. We have been reading these books electronically and the kids love expanding the pictures and zooming in to see all the details. The pen and ink or line sketches really do contain a lot of details. The children love going back and forth to the pictures as we read. 

As the second book in the series there is less set up and background compared to the first story. Therefore we jump right into the adventure. In this story a Scarlet dragon egg is found, but soon after hatching it becomes Ill. Lucas and Clara go on an adventure to find special berries, vixberries to be specific,  that will help cure the dragonling. 

Overall this was better than book one. And it sets up lots of promising future reading with 8 more books already out in the series. We are looking forward to seeing what Clara and Lucas get up to next. These books are great for young readers and those who read to them. So go for an adventure in Wrenly I am sure you will enjoy the quest.

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