Thursday 2 January 2014

Goals for 2014

Goals for 2014

I have not been a big new year's resolutions person. Maybe because I spent so many years in University that for me the year still begins in September with the beginning of the academic year. But Some great posts got me things, first Sarah Reinhard from Snoring Scholar had a great piece called They're Not Resolutions They're GOALS; and from that she linked to Lisa M. Hendey's piece My 14 Goals for 2014 - What Are Yours? And both of them mentioning Bullet Journal; I watched the video a number of times and love the concept. But working in IT and working across numerous devices I took the Bullet Journal and turned it into an Evernote nested notebooks system. I have templates Monthly Goald, Monthly Tasks, and Monthly Calendar, I have created a notebook for Collections also, and an Index notbook and use Note Links to link it all together. So that being said I am going to elaborate on my goals that were started in my piece: A Chance Encounter, Prayer and Life.

That being said my Goals for 2014 are:

1. Read the Bible Every Day
2. Pray with more focus
3. 2 Blog Posts per Week
4. Eat right, 90% whole foods
5. Exercise Daily
6. Read at least 1 Book Per Week
7. Redacted
8. Redacted
9. Plan at least 1 Date Night per Month
10. Make a retreat
11. Finish at least 1 Computer Certification
12. …

Diamond Dallas Page states that we need to set SMACK goals.

S: SPECIFY - Know what you want to accomplish
M: MONITOR - Monitor your progress
A: ACHIEVE - Find out what you really want
C: CHOOSE - actions compatible with your goals
K: KEEP IT GOING - turn it into habits, make it your ritual

He also states "If we train ourselves we can live life at 90%. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it. We can begin to control how we react, how we adapt, and how we breathe and how we take action." He often asks what we want to get out of life. He says "We need to set goals because they are our own map our personal directions. We need to set goals to make ourselves accountable to ourselves." And the way we achieve that is to "Write goals down so we see them every day. So we burn them in our brain." So I have set some goals and will be working on achieving them what about you?


Sarah Reinhard said...

I can't picture this, Steven. I'd love to see a screenshot (yes, I'm probably overstepping). Or maybe I'm just a more "pen and paper" kind of person...

Then again, I don't have a smartphone. Assuming that to make the Evernote thing work completely, you have to be a smartphone person...

Steven R. McEvoy said...

I mostly use EverNote on my work laptop and home PC but also have the iOS and Windows 8 app also.