Friday 24 January 2014

The Man in the Moon - William Joyce - The Guardians of Childhood

The Man in the Moon
The Guardians of Childhood
William Joyce
Atheneum Books For Young readers
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781442430419

First I must state that my children and I love the movie Rise of the Guardians, so when we started reading books about some of the characters there was a little trepidation, at least on my part. But those worries were unfounded, this and other picture books we have read by William Joyce have all been amazing!  This story tells the tale of the Man in the Moon or MiM for short. He was the first guardian, and his story begins before the dark times, for he was born during the golden age, a time of hope, happiness and a time when dreams could come true. The moonboot crew whistled jolly "toot toot's" and the giant glowworms provided light for him to read. And he had a guardian named Nightlight a devoted friend who watched over him. Their ship their home the moon clipper sailed from one peaceful planet to another. Ever night Nightlight sprinkled dreamsand over the MiM and sang him this lullaby:

"Nightlight, bright light
Sweet dreams I bestow.
Sleep tight, all night.
Forever I will glow."

And as long as Nightlight watched over him he was safe from nightmares. But darkness came to the golden age it came in the shifting shape of Pitch, the king of nightmares. He sought out this boy who had never had a nightmare and vowed to make him a price of nightmares.  The MiM's parents were taking him to earth to him him when out of the night came Pitch, on his Nightmare Galleon.

The MiM's parents made Nightlight take an oath:
"We will watch over the children of the Earth,
Guide them safely from ways of harm,
Keep happy their hearts, brave their soul, and rosy their cheeks.
We will guard with our lives their hopes and dreams,
For they are all that we have, all that we are,
And all that we will ever be."
A great battle was waged. But that is just the beginning of the story. To find out the rest of the tale you will need to read this wonderful book.

The story is wonderful and the illustrations are fantastic. My children will pick up this book and go through the pictures again and again. Overall a wonderful book for the whole family!

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