Friday 17 January 2014

Tin Star - Cecil Castellucci

Tin Star
Cecil Castellucci
Roaring Brook Press
A division of Holtzbrinck Publishing
ISBN 9781596437753
eISBN 9781596439146

Every book I read by Cecil Castellucci impresses me more than the last. I have read each of her book multiple times and often go back for a quick reread because I enjoy them so much. This one even more so.

To journey to the star's is something humans have dreamed about for generations. Unfortunately once we got there we were considered a minor species and Earth Gov retreated back into an isolationist stance.  But for Tula Bane, aboard the Prarie Rose, is a young woman journeying to a new colony called Beta Grande with a group called the Children of Earth. Led by the unequivocal and charming Brother Blue. The novel begins with Tula being beaten unconscious and abandoned by Brother Blue for asking too many questions. She is abandoned on the remote station the Yertina Feray, there she is helped and becomes partners with Heckleck a soft of giant alien beetle and strange aid from a Loor, the constable on the station Tournour.

Tula Bane is a no-nonsense type of girl. She is learning to do what she must to survive. She is the only human on a remote space station with no way to get home and no way to move on. She is stuck grieving for her lost family and for being betrayed and abandoned. When a trio of humans about her age arrive and immediately start offending everyone on board she is torn between the life she has built on the station and the need to communicate with her own species. The book has a number of twists and turns many leaving you hanging.

I must state I loved the book and have already read it twice. I reached out to Miss Castellucci upon finishing it and have confirmed there is a second book coming in 2015. This was one of my favorite reads in 2013 and I highly recommend it! 

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