Friday 10 January 2014

Sorrow's Knot - Erin Bow

Sorrow's Knot
Erin Bow
Arthur A. Levine Books
an imprint of Scholastic
ISBN 9780545166669

Erin Bow is a local author and though I have yet to meet her in person with each of her books I read I have a greater appreciation for her skill and talent as a written, from her poetry published as Erin Noteboom. This book was a very compelling read, once started it was always hard to put down. And I found that for days afterword's the story and characters kept coming back to mind. Sometimes remembering the events from the story and sometimes wondering what happened later.

Sorrow's Know is set in what could be comparably a Native agrarian socity. But it is a world haunted and living things are hunted and always need to be vigilant for every patch of darkness or shadow can contain the shadow beings that will enter you and consume you. Most people live in the plains away from trees, forests, hills, and there shadows. But some carve out an uneasy living in the forest, living in towns protected by wards made from magically knotted cords. Each young woman is chose to train or apprentice under another so that the community will always have the skills it needs to survive. Otter believe her mother will chose her to train as a binder under her as she becomes a woman and takes he place in society. She is devastated when Willow does not pick her and it is just the beginning of things becoming untied. 

With a great darkness rising and an attack coming can the untrained and unprepared Otter figure out what needs to be done to save not only her friends but her whole village? This is an incredibly well written book give it a try!

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