Friday 2 August 2013

Getting back at it - Or a Fitness Confession

Getting back at it - Or a Fitness Confession 
Over the past five years I have written a number of fitness posts. Some reviews of books, programs and even equipment. But last year I went through a number of changes and had some setbacks. But that was after some great success. Last year I hit my lowest weight since my teens at 192. Less than a month later I got water on the knee. Things went downhill from there.  Then in June with a promotion and new role at work my hours shifted from 6:30AM-2:30PM for the first time in years I was working 8-4 and later 9-5. A year later I am not fully adjusted to the new schedule. I had been working 6-2 or 6:30-2:30 for almost 5 years. And I love the shift, got up early often and worked out before work. Got home took over with the kids got supper for them and me and ate early. And had whole evening for reading and writing once kids were in bed. But the combination of changed schedule, more responsibility at work, and shifted sleep and eating schedule's took a toll.  I manage to stay consistent until October of last year but then completely fell off the wagon. I have tried to get back into it but never got consistent and ended up with water on the knee twice more when trying to take up running. 

I hit my low point at the end of March. I ended up back at 238 lbs after being away for our 10th anniversary and eating and drinking too much. Seeing my brother Mitch's progress reminded me how important it is. Combined with watching my boss make some serious life style changes and make some great progress. I decided to get back at it. I have worked out 22 days straight and recorded everything I eat in My Fitness Pal. I am happy to say I am down 21.8 lbs in a month. I have been doing body weight exercises pushups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups and dips using an app called Just 6 Weeks (Available for iOS and Android). The goal in the app is to get to single set of 100 Push-ups, 200 Sit-ups, 150 Dips, 200 Squats, and 20 Pull-Ups. I have also been doing DDP. I have done the DDP intermittently for 2 months then every day for the last 22 as of the writing of this. Here is the chart of my weight from My Fitness Pall over the last year, as you can see there were numerous gaps. But part of achieving goals is writing them down and sharing them.

Here is the link to my review of the YRG For Regular Guys book by Diamond Dallas Page. It was great at motivating me and helped me to get disciplined to start working out again. The video's for the DDP vary in length from 14 Minutes for an abs core program to 66 minutes for the longest workout. But most are 20 or 20 minutes. You do not need any equipment other than a water bottle, towel and exercise mat. And I must say it is very enjoyable and seems like it will be very sustainable. There is also a very large online community at Team DDP to help keep someone on track. As I work through the official 13 week program I will write some reviews. And so the journey begins again.

Peace and Strength!
Yours, learning to be
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