Monday 26 August 2013

Death By Living - ND Wilson - Life Is Meant To Be Spent

Death By Living:
Life Is Meant To Be Spent
N.D. Wilson
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 9780849920097

This little book is an amazing mix of theology, philosophy, memoir, pense and story. The main premise is that we really live by spending our life. They paint is brought home to us again and again through different vignette's. Wilson is open and transparent. He shares his struggles, joys and disappointments.  Both Tolkien and Lewis believe that stories were truth in as much as they taught and showed us that there is more than what we see. Wilson has managed to extend that insight by sharing his own stories. Also Madeliene L'Engle stated "I am using myth in its ancient meaning - That which was true, that which is true, that which will be true, that strange truth which is as elusive as home." Wilson has shared his myth and how he uses myth making to give life more meaning and unravel the meaning in life.

This book was an amazing read! I have started only giving 5 start ratings to books I would like to read again, or books I look forward to sharing with my children. This book falls into both categories. So give it a chance. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks want to win this book entering today 8/2013

John said...

Notes From the Tilt - A - Whirl I absolutely loved. Read it twice and bought it for friends. Look forward to this book.