Monday 4 March 2013

Jillian Jiggs and the Great Big Snow - Phoebe Gilman

Jillian Jiggs and the Great Big Snow
Phoebe Gilman
North Wind Press an imprint of
ISBN 9781443119498

Jillian is a child with a zest for life; unfortunately she is known to lose a thing a or two. And do you know what her mother will say?

"Jillian, Jillian say it's not true!
How do you lose all the things that you do?"

But in this story it goes very far, such as how many things can she lose in one day at the park? While playing in the snow with her friends and making a series of Martian snow creatures, she loses item after item of clothing but just keeps playing.

The illustrations in this story were great fun. Children will love them and the rhyming story. It is an awesome book and we will be looking to read more Jillian Jiggs adventures soon.

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Jeff Rivera said...

Thank you for this review! There is something so nostalgic feeling about rhymes in a children's story, it really grabs the attention of little ones. I look forward to more reviews from you!