Monday 12 November 2012

The Catholic Workout - Build Your Body. Build Your Faith - Michael Carrera M.Sc.

The Catholic Workout
Build Your Body. Build Your Faith
Michael Carrera M.Sc.
Freedom Bench Media Inc.
ISBN 9780980944808

I was really expecting a lot when I got a chance to review this book. The information is solid. The plan is easy to follow. But as someone who has been working out for years it was too simplistic. I tried following the program but it was just not challenging enough. I also found the book was trying to be all things to all people. The title is The Catholic Workout and yet it offers variations for non-Catholic Christians. For beginners, or those looking to get back into working out, this will be a good beginning guide. The book has great photos that outline the exercises and guide you through them. The writing was well done and to be honest, I would read another book either on spiritual disciplines or physical fitness by Michael. But found this one did not do it for me.

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Susan W said...

Thank you for reviewing this book, Steven. I was searching for a like-minded group something along the line of "catholic exercisers" facebook page, and got nothing but your book review. (which, is really nothing like what I wanted, but since I follow you and your book recommends, I was glad to see it)

I, too, have been exercising forever, and I am sure this book would "not do it" for me. Also, being a woman, I am way different in my "style" of exercise than you anyway, I am sure. I do Exercise DVDs, primarily, but I also read and say rosary while walking/on treadmill. Rosaries at 4.1 and books on kindle at about 3.6 mph are becoming "the new me".