Wednesday 7 November 2012

Magic In The Mist - Brave - Barbara Bazaldua, Caroline LaVelle Egan and Grace Lee

Magic In The Mist
Barbara Bazaldua (Author)
Caroline LaVelle Egan (Illustrator)
Grace Lee (Illustrator)
Random House
ISBN 9780736428835

This book has some awesome, cool factors kids will love. There are glow-in-the-dark elements on every page. Right now the kids love taking it to the bathroom to read so they can see the glowing text and pictures. This book is an off-shoot story and has nothing from the movie Brave. Recently we took our older two children to see Brave. It was the first film they went to together to see at the theatre. We picked up a few of the Brave books to read. Right now they are incredibly popular in our house. This is a great picture board book with amazing illustrations, for children old enough for the film and also for their younger siblings. It is awesome fun for the whole family.

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